Built in 1939 by the brilliant architect Lawrence Murray Dixon, The Marlin Hotel is truly one of the premier examples of Art Deco grandeur. Its impressive interiors and façade, along with its impeccable level of service, truly make it an Art Deco Masterpiece and a Hotel unlike any other in South Beach.

Perched just a block from the sun and sand of Miami Beach, The Marlin provides its guests with the sweltering International pulse of the city. An enduring architectural landmark from the formative years of Miami, now ofering redesigned rooms and fresh amenities.

The Marlin consists of 14 beautiful rooms (ranging from 240 to 550 sq. ft.), offering unique in-room amenities and a careful design: every detail is aimed at providing quality service and comfort to every guest.

The Hotel's common areas have been lavishly restored to reflect the heyday of the Marlin, and feature unique juxtapositions of materials and color schemes. To complete the luxury experience, the Marlin offers a full range of amenities and details.